Primary Container

Primary container designed for live transportation of iPS cellsFlask-25

Keep the Culture Area, but 55~65% Less of Culture Medium!

For live transport of iPS cells, the flask must be filled with culture medium to prevent cell detachment due to shaking. iP-TEC® flask-25 series has the same area of culture as a common flask, but requires 50% or less of culture medium to fill, saving the cost of culture medium.

Granted Patent for the Special Shape

The 3 features to acquire the patent;
(1) Requires less amount of culture medium to fill
(2) Easy handling with pipette and scraper
(3) Stability for stacking
iP-TEC® flask-25 was designed and granted patent based on those features.

New! Vent Cap Type
(no air bubbles allowed)

This type does not allow any air bubbles inside. It is suitable for rotational culture and microgravity culture.
A thin membrane made of medical grade silicon can permeate CO2.

Transport 12 well inserts safely and stablyCell Transport Container #RPE12

Simple Structure for Zero Liquid Leakage

It is suitable for culturing and transporting cell sheets using 12 well inserts.
The special design for zero liquid leakage assists the safe transportation.

Two Types of Container

Gas-exchangeable vent type(left) and a closed airtight type(right) are available according to the internded use.

Transport 24 well inserts safelyCell Transport Quadruple Container #24

4 Inserts = 1 set !

Quadruple silicon cap enables to hold 4 separated inserts as a set.
Using dedicated rack assists better work efficiency.

Combination with Dedicated Secondary Container Enables Mass Transportation of Cells

iP-TEC® Secondary container holds max 24 pcs of iP-TEC® Cell Transport Quadruple Container #24. (4x6)
Mesh cushion in secondary container supports the safe and stable transportation.

Transport cell sheets or conformational cells etc safely and stablyCell Sheet Transport Container

Special Designed Cap for Zero Air Bubbles

The cap part in contact with culture medium is made of medical grade silicon.
Filling with culture medium with zero bubbles insdide f the container can protect cells from vibration.

Carrier Material to Handle Cell Sheets Smoothly

ATTRAN, a carrier material for cell sheets, also adapts to environmental changes such as freezing, thawing, drying, and swelling of cell sheets.
Cell adhesion and peeling with ATTRAN are superior to conventional carrier materials, allowing the smooth handling of cell sheets.

Use your pre-owned dish or well plate for live transportationOpened system container for live transportation

Non-Toxic Medical Grade Silicon Cover

The material of this cover is medical grade silicon without adhesive agent, making it safe for the culture medium when toughing the silicon part inside.
The soft material allows users to open smoothly and avoid contamination.

Excellent Liquid Seal and CO2 Permeable

The cover consists of an ultrathin part that is required for ventilation and a thick part that seals the container opening.
There is no risk of fluid leakage because it is attached to the opening of the container with ultra-low hardness.

Minimize Cell Stress during Live Transportaion

Shaking of the culture medium inside containers don't easily occur thanks to the cover, protecting cells and biological tissues from transport vibrations.
iP-TEC® Secondary containers containing dishes and well plates with the covers are also superior in airtightness and stiffness, making safe transportation possible.

Secondary Container

Special designed container for live transportation iP-TEC® Secondary Container

Maintain appx. 5% of CO2 concentration inside of the container

Made of polycarbonate with excellent airtight.
By using a gas concentration modifier enables transportation of cells while keeping the CO2 concentration in the container at approx. 5%.

Simple shape, Easy Operation of Primaty Container!

The shallow part of the container contains Primary Container.
It allows the easy and smooth transporation of dish or plate in and out. Also, it is easy to stack, so there is no concern of falling.

More Stability for Transportation with Mesh Cushion

Mesh cushion placed between Primary Container and Secondary Container enables to hold the Primary Container tight.
It is mesh structure, having great gas permeability, cushioning and holding.

Dedicated secondary container for Flask-25Secondary Container of Live-Transport

Secondary Container of Live-Transport (for iP-TEC® flask-25)

This secondary container consists of main body, dedicated tray and absorbent sheet.
Dedicated tray is designed for the shape of iP-TEC® Flask-25 and stackable in 2 layers inside. (max 6pcs)

Third Container

Transportation box to deliver cells to long distance or cold placePREMER BOX-V19

Excellent heat insulation makes transportation under difficult environment possible

Special R-bending technology eliminates breaks in vacuum insulation.
Urethane foam maximizes heat insulation.

Light-weight and compact portable devicePREMIER BOX-V8.5

High grade transportation box best for short-distance

It has highd temperature retention capability and is easy o use for short-distance.

Comes with Convenient Belt Straps to Carry

Handle straps for each sides and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Compact and high spec transportation box PREMIER BOX-mini6.6

Clear View of Logger from Outside

There are 2 spaces to put logger in the inner lid.
Logger clearly visible from outside via transparent section on outer lid.

Convenient box type for carrier service

The top side of outer lid has a clear pocket to put waybill.
The hole for locking helps to protect inside.

Customizable to TSA lock

TSA lock is a global security system which allows passengers to secure their luggage, while permitting security authorities to inspect them without damage. It has been accepted in more than 650 airports in 30 countries worldwide.
Sanplatec having its licensing enable to change the lock specification of the box to TSA lock.

Save Transportation cost of Short and Middle distanceSTANDARD BOX-X13

Reasonably priced Styrene foam and cardboard boxes available

Main box is made of XPS styrene foam.
It maintains temperature more than 24H and enables short to medium distance transportation with lower cost than Premier Box. Size is customizable.

Convenient for Short Distance and Quick TravelTote BOX-6.6

New Bag Type for Portable Transportation Box

Transportation box stored in Tote Bag allows users to carry around easily.
Weight is approx. 3kg including phase change materials.

Simple & Universal Design

There are some comments that general transportation box is heavy and is not female-friendly. To solve this matter, we designed simple and universal design to use in daily life.

For Short Distance Transporation between facilities Light BOX-S6.6

Super Light Weight.
Perfect for Short DistanceTravel.

Box is 200g and box with phase change material is 1.2kg. This is the lightest transportation box in iP-TEC series and suitable for shortdistance and quick transportation.

Phase Change Material / Incubator

Maintain preferred temperatures for your operationPhase Change Material

Temperature line-up:
36℃,24℃, 5℃

Select the optimal temperature range to get preferred environments;
36℃ as incubator
24℃ as CPC or medical site
5℃ for long term storage without freezing

Tray Shape is Surprisingly Useful for Lab Operation

It is easily stackable and two cell culture plates fit inside of a tray to use as a heating tray for cell at labs.
[Caution] Without iP-TEC transportation box, the temperature stability time will vary.

Easy Operation via buttons to get ready! Temperature Incubator for Phase Change Material

Stored Temperature Programs: 36℃,24℃ and 5℃

The program to make each temperature range of iP-TEC® Phase Change material is stored to ACT3 and it automatically prepares the preferred phase change material for you by just selecting programs.
This allows you to save time and labor to prepare on your own.

Max 27pcs to prepare and store

By using dedicated rack, it is enable to store max 27pcs of phase change materials. Also, using as a storage place after preparing phase change materials is possible.


  • Temperature Incubator for Phase Change Material

Suitable for wide range of temperaturesTemperature Incubator for Phase Change Material
(-15~50℃ type)

Temperature Setting :

Select any preferred temperature for phase change materials with the wide range of setting.
Various of purposes such as heating, cooling and maintaining are possible.

Max 16pcs to prepare and store

By using dedicated rack, it is enable to store max 16pcs of phase change materials.
The advantage of the rack is to prepare for phase change materials without temperature differences by storing at equal intervals.


  • Temperature Incubator for Phase Change Material (-15~50℃ type)

Simple and convenient thermostatic set for phase change material 36℃Temperature Incubator Box Set for Phase Change Material

You don't have incubator? Get Phase Change Materials Ready inside of Transportation Box

This is a set of iP-TEC® PREMIER BOX-V19 with a heater unit.
Max 6pcs of phase change materials 36℃ can be prepared inside.


  • Temperature Incubator Box Set for Phase Change Material

Perfusion culture

Convert your pre-owned open system container to closed one. Perfusion Culture Attachment

Port Pores for Perfusion Culture

Automated perfusion culture is possible by fitting attachment with port pores to open-system container and operating with a pump to flow fluid.
The connector for soft tube with inner diameter 2.4mm is compatible with this attachment.

2 types line-up for 6-well plate and 60Φ dish

In and out port holes are equipped in each well at one side for 6-well plates.
The attachment for 60Φ dishes is available in vent and close types for any required purposes.

More Support with Dedicated Holder

Using dedicated holder to container fitting attachment produces more stable environment.
Easy observation during perfusion culuture is possible via Φ40mm spaces each on the surface and bottom side.


  • iP-TEC® Perfusion Culture Attachment for Φ60 dish (Vent type)
  • iP-TEC® Perfusion Culture Attachment for Φ60 dish (Closed type)
  • iP-TEC® Perfusion Culture Attachment for 6 well plate

Perfuse culture medium inside & outside of culture insertClosed System Culture Container #RPE12 with ports

Perfusion Culture via 4 Port Pores

Independent flow channels can be created on the inside and outside of the culture insert set in the culture container by closing cap.

Automated perfusion culture system to exchange mediumMicrotube Pump System

Adjustable Flow Rate
( 0.1-2000μℓ/min)

Flow rate can be adjusted by combining ICAMS Laboratory Corporation drive unit and ultra-compact tube pump cassette. The number of cassette and drive unit type are customizable.

Usable Inside Incubator

Connection cable between control unit and driving unit is flat. It is also possible to place only the base part into the incubator for perfusion culture.

We Propose optimal Automated Perfusion Culture System.

Efficient perfusion culture with combination of pump system and iP-TEC® perfusion culture attachments.
Please contact us if you have any troubles or concerns regarding perfusion culture.


  • Microtube Pump System

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